Dr. Wolff

Dr Wolff

Dr. Wolff graduated from the College of Dentistry at New York University. He was a very studious little dental student achieving many honors. The highest achievement was an induction into the National Dental Honor Society (Omicron Kappa Upsilon, Omega Chapter). He calls it the “nerdy dental society”. Dr. Wolff returned with his family from New York to establish Bright Smiles Dental in Nampa in 2009. Dr. Wolff still enjoys being a dental nerd consistently completing continuing education classes. He aims to provide the best treatment possible for his patients and loves every aspect of dentistry.

Dr. Wolff and his wife, Naomi have two children, Ethan and Edyn. Ethan is very active in sports and loves to spend his time playing baseball, football, and hockey. He is a New York Yankees fan but we love him anyway. Edyn consequently hates sports or at least hates having to watch all of her older brother’s games. She is an amazing artist and loves being creative.

Most of Dr. Wolff’s spare time is dedicated to his children and their numerous activities. He enjoys his time playing as many sports as time permits. His favorite of which is hockey.

If you ever eat with Dr. Wolff, you can guarantee he will eat the spiciest thing on the menu! He has a sweet tooth and a love for anything chocolate. He loves watching movies and can build/create just about anything.

Dr. Wolff invites you to visit Bright Smiles Dental and meet his wonderful handpicked staff in our comfortable relaxed dental office. They all strive to make your dental experience as positive as they can. We look forward to seeing you.