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Teeth Cleaning and Preventative Care

At Bright Smiles Dental we strongly recommend that you and your loved ones visit our office every 6 months for a professional dental cleaning. If however you have a history of periodontal disease we recommend having your teeth cleaned more often. A teeth cleaning also known as prophylaxis is important for the removal of tartar that accumulated on the teeth even with careful brushing and flossing. Before and After CalculusThis tartar harbors bacteria and other byproducts that are very harmful to the teeth and surrounding tissue and can cause irreversible damage. To remove the tartar we will implement a tooth scaling and tooth polishing and debridement if too much tartar has accumulated. During a dental cleaning we will perform other diagnostic and preventive services and take the time to educate you to any possible concerns.

Services may include:

  • Removal of plaque and tartar
  • Stain removal
  • Teeth polishing
  • Oral cancer examination and screening
  • Periodontal evaluation (gum disease)
  • X-rays with comprehensive exam to detect tooth decay
  • Fluoride application
  • Sealants

Sealants (BPA-FREE dental sealants)

BPA free sealantsTooth decay most often occurs on the chewing surfaces of the posterior teeth which have pits and grooves that trap food and bacteria. The pits and grooves can be impossible to keep clean because the toothbrush bristles cannot reach into them. Dental sealants are a resin material applied to these grooves. The sealant flows into the grooves and acts as  barrier.

Our office is committed to using BPA-free sealants to make sure we’re providing the best care for your child. We’ve chosen to use UltraSeal XT plus or UltraSeal XT hydro from Ultradent not only because they’re great products that can help prevent cavities in your child’s teeth, but also because of Ultradent’s commitment to using BPA-free materials.

dental sealantsA message from Ultradent, our sealant manufacturer “Ultradent has for many years been aware of the risks associated with BPA, and we are passionate about ensuring our dental sealants are BPA free. We even hired an independent third-party laboratory to test for BPA in our sealants. Using the most sophisticated analytical equipment and processes, they couldn’t even find a trace amount. At Ultradent, we’ve never used ingredients that contain BPA in our dental sealants, UltraSeal XT plus and UltraSeal XT hydro. And we never will.”

For more information on BPA free dental sealtants.